An Unscheduled downtime will no longer interrupt your production

Our APM (Asset Performance Management) Downtimes gives you a real-time overview of your assets KPIs so your industrial activity never stops and when it must, you have it perfectly planned. Maximize the performance of your critical assets with our application, easy to use, it adapts to any device, in the cloud or on premise, and you will be able to plan the most profitable decisions for your company.

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Increase the lifetime of your assets

Our CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) Asset Portal, minimizes unplanned maintenance, considerably improving the availability, reliability of your assets and making it safer for your workers. You will plan your maintenance in detail, you will be able to see your assets in real time, minimizing the effort and the human and material cost of unnecessary repairs.

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Digitize all your processes

The importance of Industry 4.0 is due to the transition from an electronic model not connected to an industry that concatenates its processes in a digital ecosystem. Where all its technology is working in a coordinated way thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). Piper Solutions has achieved that its manual entry tool, Enterprise Forms, can digitize all the heterogeneous information of a company, making it more secure, reliable and verified in real time, thus reducing the workload for your company's analysts.

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Improve your KPIs presentations

Our dashboard creator can use information from different database sources, being a web application, it adapts to the device you are using, it is an indispensable visualization tool to manage your projects within your company.

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Our Latest Projects


Antamina, has a Mineral Pipeline of more than 300 km, which transports the mineral from the mine to the port of shipment for its due export.

Gold Fields

It has the PI System tool on the main floor, but its maintenance is still used with Spreadsheets in Excel and manually which is done weekly and even monthly.


Use of Microsoft Azure in order to ensure the availability of its infrastructure and future growth and integration of information from the three plants.


Yanacocha has a PI System as a support tool in the Management of its plants, in which it integrates and stores information on all the variables from its control systems.


We carried out the successful implementation of PI System in Pan American Silver Shahuindo project, this implementation allows Shahuindo to capture, store and visualize data.


We are proud to complete the successful implementation of APM (Asset Performance Management) tool Downtimes in the Veladero project of the Canadian company Barrick Gold.


Having a fully automated and digitized operations plant is the dream of every mining operation, on its way to mining 4.0, through the total collection of information for subsequent analysis...


At the beginning of 2018, Compañía de Minas Buenaventura assigned PIPER Solutions to carry out the analysis, design and implementation of the PI System.

Our Clients

Plant Modeler Suite

Operational information management System by PIPER

It's our best option to you achieve your business goals, using the complete set of products readies to respond to your demands on plant maintenance and urges on expansion strategies.

All our products

We put at your disposal the most effective software to preserve your assets, to improve the way you manage your information and to upgrade the way you visualize your data.

Business Modeler

We have our own System to manage all your plant assets and help you with the organization of your business.

PI System Services


  • Implementation: Install and configure a new PI System™
  • Interface: Install and configure a new PI Interface for an existing Data Archive
  • Outsourcing: Guarantee the correct functioning of the PI System ™ infrastructure
  • Audit: Reviewing the installation, configuration and use of PI System™ and its components


  • Upgrade: Implement the latest versions of PI System
  • High Availability: Keep your information reliable, available and safe at all times



  • New Solution: Costumized solutions for Business Process
  • Report: An operational dashboard for decision making

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Condition Based Maintenance: A healthy practice that increases the reliability of your assets

Monitoring a machine is like maintaining a healthy human body. The different analyzes that can be done on a person help to understand their state of health, even knowing what are the bad habits for the body help us to give an idea about...

Integration and Verification of Data in Manual Entry Tools

Previously, asset information obtained from inspections was fragmented and scattered. In other words, computer systems were complex for each type of variable and had constant requests for changes, which made maintenance processes heavy and limited the budget to analyze their data...

Increase in Industrial Productivity thanks to the Assignment of Times

An Asset Performance Maintenance (APM) is a tool that is transforming the idea of industrial maintenance, it helps to give visibility and understand in a simple way the current state of the fundamental assets in a plant...