Automatically identify critical equipment detention

Downtime™ | Asset Performance Maintenance (APM)

Make key decisions and increase your availability

Downtime™ | Asset Performance Maintenance (APM)

Analysis Cause - Root of main detentions

Downtime™ | Asset Performance Maintenance (APM)

Automatic Generation of Maintenance Reports

Downtime™ | Asset Performance Maintenance (APM)

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Seeking to establish an effective and efficient maintenance management plan, and hand in hand with industrial-technological development, Downtimes obtains a real-time overview of the general state of the plant and its available assets, thus allowing decision-making with regarding preventive/corrective maintenance actions, also the planning and execution tasks involved in stopping equipment management, thus achieving a correct calculation of KPIs, a specific analysis of activity and inactivity times, specific identification of reasons for the shutdown, and the implementation of preventive measures to obtain benefits in the short and long term, in addition to optimizing the maintenance management process.

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What Benefitswill you get?

Downtimes™ is a tool that adapts to your organization with the application of implementing best practices in the management of your critical equipment

  • Display of Maintenance Indicators.
  • Identification of the responsible area for the greatest number of detentions.
  • Identification of the maintenance workshop with the largest number of detentions.
  • Identification of most frequent failure modes.
  • Identification of equipment that fails more frequently.
  • Access control and system permissions.

Downtimesflow work

  • Specification analysis for the generation of arrests according to the behavior of the equipment.
  • Event Frames generation in PI System, with times detected in millisecond.
  • History of Detentions according to the Line, by Team and by Responsible Area.
  • Interface to visualize the detentions occurred in a certain time (Shift, Day, Week).
  • Historical Search of Events already registered.
  • Personalized Search of Detentions according to the day, the affected line, the type and status of the event.
  • Exportación de busquedas en diferentes formatos de texto.
  • Exact allocation of time to the different areas of the organization (Maintenance, Operations and Unscheduled Time).
  • Maintenance Times Branch based on the workshop that intervened.
  • Wide discernment when cataloging arrests (Type of intervention, Failure Modes, Workshops, Type of Equipment, System and Affected component).
  • Correct allocation of dead times (invalid detentions) not affecting the calculation of KPIs
  • Budget registration by equipment, line and plant (monthly and annual).
  • Forecast record by equipment, line and plant (weekly, monthly and annual).
  • Definition of action plans based on the performance of the teams and their criticality.
  • Personalized record of maintenance calendars.
  • Calculation of indicators in real time, week to Day (WTD), Month to Day (MTD) and Year to Day (YTD).
  • Analysis for the reliability and criticality of a team, line or plant.
  • Availability and Effective Use Chart.
  • MTBF and MTTR graphics.
  • Jack Knife graphics.
  • Pareto Graph of Equipment by Frequency and Time by Lines, equipment, system and component.
  • Top Ten Trend Monthly Failure Frequency by Equipment, System and Component.

Synthesize in a single tool the key perspectives for increasing availabilityand productivityin your organization

Downtimes- Automatic Reports

Top ten detention report
Pareto detention
General maintenance dashboard
Weekly availability
Monthly availability
Plant maintenancet
JackKnife diagram
Maintenance times

They use Downtimes

They use Downtimes

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