Createand manageyour own forms according to your needs

Workwithout the need to be connected to a network

Managethe way and time to register your information

Maintain your data organized, accurate and consistent

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is a web solution based on OSIsoft’s PI System™, created to send manual information to PI System easily and interactively.

Also, it allows users to create their manual entry forms, share them easily, and maintain them. This solution allows you to store the information entered in PI POINTS or a relational database, according to the needs of the end-users.

With Enterprise Forms digitize the largest amount of manual information in the organization, under a standard and historically. Having the possibility of accessing it at any time and allowing better decision making.

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What benefits will you get?

  • Have manual information on the different business process, which is required to have in the PI System ™ and be able to relate to other information on the operation.
  • Ease of creation and maintenance of manual entry forms to PI System.
  • Enter historical data to the PI System from any device and place.
  • The integrity of manual information, due to the different levels of approval.
  • Instant verification of the information entered.
  • Possibility to store the data in PI POINTS or in a relational database, according to the frequency of the data and the decision of the users.
  • Possibility of integrating data that does not come from measurement instruments, but that is relevant for decision making within the process.
  • It allows keeping a record of who, when and what type of information is entered with each type of form.
  • It allows adapting the manual entry forms according to the needs and requirements of the specific area or role.

Entreprise Forms Solution Focus

The end user can build their forms depending on their needs.

The application adapts to the way of working, in matters of time, to the organization if they work by guards, or longer periods of time weekly, quarterly.

Users can work connected to a network or not, the application has the possibility of working in both cases.

All the information that is registered with the application is validated, according to the organization's profiles, an operator enters it and a supervisor reviews and validates it.

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They use Enterprise Forms

They use Enterprise Forms

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Learn about our products