Optimize the inspection process and always maintain control

Asset Portal™ | Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

Integrates and stores variables to perform the MBC (oils, vibrations, wear and more)

Asset Portal™ | Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

Manage asset performance online to contribute to operational reliability

Asset Portal™ | Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

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Obtains a general, oriented, and reliable overview of the state of the equipment in operation in real-time,

Helping to quickly identify when a equipment has any deviation in its components that may directly affect the course or state of the operation and the results of the process, managing to carry out monitoring based on conditions and thus improve maintenance indicators, improve decision-making, increase production, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize the maintenance process.

The analysis of the data obtained using instrumentation or with on-site measurements helps to identify which components of the equipment or machinery need to undergo a revision or maintenance, thus optimizing the inspection process.

For this reason, among the benefits offered by Asset Portal, are the real-time analysis of the operation of a equipment or asset that allows to know the trends in behavior in a given period through the trend graphs, and thus prioritize the orders of maintenance work, reduce line stoppages and consequently repair costs.

The application of a correct monitoring of conditions can offer an increase in the useful life of a component and / or equipment, and show results in the very short term.

Through Asset Portal you can help increase production capacity, by having more reliable machines and being able to define maintenance plans precisely that will help meet delivery deadlines generating customer satisfaction. In turn, Asset Portal can be viewed and accessed from anywhere through any device.

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What benefits will you get?

  • Reduction of failures and downtime.
  • Better scheduling of maintenance plans.
  • Increase the lifetime of the equipment.
  • Integration and store of conditions information.
  • General display of asset status.
  • General detail display by specific equipment.
  • Categorization of assets by area.
  • Trend analysis and data crossing.
  • System log record.
  • File and report management.
  • Access control and system permissions.

Asset Portal™ Work Flow

  • It allows to connect, collect and store the information of variables in operations coming from the control systems.
  • Collection that can come from other data sources such as vibration analysis.
  • In addition to manual inputs such as oil and wear analysis results.
  • Configure the logic of simple or complex conditions of equipment variables (oils, vibrations, wear and more) in Pi System.
  • This execution is carried out in real time and is updated in the monitoring Dashboards.
  • Alert and notification settings.
  • It allows to visualize in real time through the monitor portal the general status of the equipment according to the configured conditions.

Asset Portal™ - Automatic Reports

Monitoring General Dashboard

General Dashboard for displaying the conditions of all the equipment of the Concentrator plant, using the technique of traffic light colors, which will allow the rapid identification of critical and alert states in order to take action to avoid equipment failures and downtimes. From the asset tree we can activate the visualization of the summary of conditions of a specific equipment and the navigation to the total detail of the equipment variables.

Monitoring Portal

Real-time visualization of the conditions of the equipment / assets by areas of the plant: crushing, grinding, pebbles; and prioritizing critical conditions.


Module that allows navigation between plant assets and their corresponding variables. The goal of this module is to perform an analysis of the behavior of the component of a device through a trend chart and be able to compare it with other signals, the module allows to cross data with different devices and to be able to establish limits and appreciate the deviations of the signals quickly and dynamically.

More Automatic Reports

Summary of Conditions

The condition of the variables belonging to the equipment is displayed, these conditions may vary depending on the type of equipment.

Condition Detail

Visualize in real time the conditions of the asset variables: operating variables, oils, vibrations and wear. The user has the facility to edit the limits of each variable.

Register of Logs

Log display panel, created by the need to keep tracking the user actions within the solution and have audit information. This module allows you to view the list of logs in order of the most recent, performing a variety of search combinations or data filters and be able to export the information of interest.

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