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The audit consists of reviewing the installation, configuration and use of PI System™ and its components, ending with the delivery of an audit report. The service is performed on site by professionals from PIPER Solutions, certified by OSIsoft as specialists in PI System infrastructure and installation.

The scope of this package is limited to a single site consist of 1 PI Server node, up to 5 interface nodes, 1 System Manager node, 3 custom or third-party applications and up to 5 PI Client stations.

Audit main objective

  • Audit the existing PI System architecture in its current state.
  • Diagnose System security and performance problems.
  • Specify the conditions for the use of licenses and versions.
  • Evaluate current management practices and propose improvements.
  • Propose a scalable system growth plan.
  • Evaluate the functionality and usefulness of third-party applications.
  • Provide a support plan and improve system performance and usage.
  • Provide a backup plan for the system.
  • Give a report and recommendations for improvement.


  • Ensure optimal growth of the PI System™.
  • Reduce indirect costs in managing the PI System™.
  • Opportunity to implement best practices for PI System™ Administration.
  • PIPER offers improvement and solution alternatives to current problems that can be identified in the PI System™ infrastructure.
  • Opportunity to optimize the full performance of the PI Server.

Contents of the Audit Report

  • 1. Introduction.
  • 2. Audit deliverables.
  • 3. Current PI System™ architecture, licenses and use.
  • 4. PI System™ Logs.
  • 5. PI System™ Performance Metrics.
  • 6. PI Data Archive™ Security Model.
  • 7. PI Asset Framework™ Security Model.
  • 8. PI Tags Configuration.
  • 9. Asset Framework.
  • 10. Backup status and procedure.
  • 11. Inventory of third-party applications.
  • 12. Management Practices.
  • 13. Recommendations based on Best Practices.
  • 14. High Availability Options.
  • 15. Conclusions.
  • 16. Evidence.

Other Complementary Services

PIPER implements a new installation of the PI System™ infrastructure, if you already have this service, you may also be interested in the implementation of the interface, managing your infrastructure or auditing the PI System™.

Audit service deliverables

Requirements to the Audit

Audit Schedule

The audit process, starts from order to completion, normally takes 3-4 weeks:

Week 1 - Communication of essentials. Confirmation of installation date with PIPER.

Week 2 - On-site visit (up to three days).

Week 3 - Prepare and transmit a final audit report.

Why request the PI System™ auditservice with PIPER?

Commitment and Support in Peru
We become your Strategical Partners
Knowledge and Integration with the Industry
Certified Professionals in the PI System

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