Big Data – a great challenge

Big Dat can be defined as large volumes of high-speed, complex and variable data that require advanced techniques and technologies to allow the capture, storage, distribution, management and analysis of information.


They can be characterized by 4V: the extreme volume, variety of data types and the speed at which the data can be processed, now some scientists and researchers have introduced a fourth V, veracity or ‘data assurance’, that is, the analysis and Big Data results are error free and credible. However, truthfulness remains a goal and not (yet) a reality.

Importance of Big Data

The large volume of data generated, stored and extracted for information has become economically relevant for businesses, government and consumers. Unlike other areas, stakeholders in the Big Data sphere are not yet well connected and some processes need to be implemented to bring them together. Making good use of big data will require the collaboration of several actors, including data scientists and professionals, taking advantage of their strengths to understand technical possibilities, as well as the context within which ideas can be implemented.

The very nature of big data requires new forms of inter-institutional relationships to take advantage of data resources, human talent and decision-making capacity, creating collaborative spaces to improve the capacity of people, organizations, companies and institutions to elucidate challenges and solutions interactively, strengthening a global learning culture.

How to take advantage of Big Data?

The origins of Big Data should be exploited and properly considered to enrich the sources of official statistics, so that the data needs in the new areas of development can be met and made available to decision makers, detailed and disaggregated data Spatially This implies that the innovative and transformative power of information technology can be harnessed: from the collection stage, to the dissemination stage. Osisoft already has this data collection, analysis and delivery technology for just under 40 years, delivering operational efficiency and improving business performance with data from sensors. PIPER is based on this technology and with the help of the right human talent delivers processed data ready to be visualized and available for decision making at the right place and time.

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