Integration and Verification of Data in Manual Entry Tools

Previously, asset information obtained from inspections was fragmented and scattered. In other words, computer systems were complex for each type of variable and had constant requests for changes, which made maintenance processes heavy and limited the budget to analyze their data...


Increase in Industrial Productivity thanks to the Assignment of Times

An Asset Performance Maintenance (APM) is a tool that is transforming the idea of industrial maintenance, it helps to give visibility and understand in a simple way the current state of the fundamental assets in a plant, thus avoiding having time downtime leading to costly downtime and unscheduled maintenance...


Connected manufacturing and digital transformation

The digital transformation is reshaping the cement manufacturing space. While many companies are investing millions of dollars in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), many organizations are not really realizing the value of their investments, with McKinsey reporting just 16% cement manufacturers really achieve their digital transformation goals. So why do so many companies fall short? Because the value of the data is not affected by the data itself, it is in the ideas...

What will the industry be like with the use of Distributed Control Systems (DCS)?

In today’s industry we have a series of assets, which are part of different production process, present in large complex industries such as those existing in mining-metallurgical, petrochemical, energy, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Which need a continuous control system of the process conditions that collects the information from these components, the same that are connected through communication networks to be later stored, processed and displayed by different softwares to be delivered for their interpretation to plant engineers, operators and other interested parties..

Understanding Expert Systems

Over the years, it has been verified that some problems such as information processing for facial or voice recognition, systems with a high degree of complexity, among others, can be solved by computer solutions, specifically, Intelligence Artificial (IA), which is responsible for studying these problems that at first glance are impossible and difficult to formulate using computers. Currently, various branches of this science are derived, among them are the expert systems , which has been used by the industry to greatly improve its production process...

Mobilizing Installations for the Future

We welcome Industry 4.0 as the next great industrial revolution where data will transform operations. However, mission critical facilities struggle with the adoption of IoT technologies. Most of us take for granted the same facilities that allow our businesses to succeed. The reason? Perception and failed communication. Traditionally, facility operations have had a safe gaming mindset and thought that “if you don’t know my name, then nothing has gone wrong today.” It’s time to drop this “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality...