Automatically identify critical equipment detention

Downtime™ | Asset Performance Maintenance (APM)

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Downtime™ | Asset Performance Maintenance (APM)

Analysis Cause - Root of main detentions

Downtime™ | Asset Performance Maintenance (APM)

Automatic Generation of Maintenance Reports

Downtimes™Asset Performance Maintenance (APM)

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Allows automatic generation and constant monitoring of key maintenance indicators

such as Availability, Mechanical Availability, Utilization, Availability Utilization, Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), Top Ten Equipment detentions, Causality analysis of failures, and others, in addition to managing events and asset shutdowns (crushers, mills, belts, giant equipment, light fleet and more).

Downtimes™ allows the improvement of decision-making regarding corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance, as it is a tool that is naturally integrated into the Osisoft PI System or the Business Modeler (by Piper) for the automatic generation of the events of the assets, taking as input the run / stop signals or other parameters of the equipment in real time.

Downtimes™ allows a correct allocation of event stop times, identifying if the event is Operations or Maintenance or both in order to make an adequate calculation of the Maintenance KPIs.

In the same way, Downtimes™ helps to analyze the root cause of failures, to establish action plans that help reduce equipment downtime, which directly affects the operation, and reduce maintenance costs by contributing to the improvement of asset maintenance management.

Additionally, Downtimes™ allows the recording of maintenance schedules, budgets and forecast information in order to visualize in real time the comparisons and / or deviations between what is planned vs. actual.

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What benefits will you get?

  • Real-time visualization of Maintenance Indicators.
  • Identification of the responsible area and maintenance workshop with the highest number of detentions.
  • Access control and system permissions.
  • Opportunity identification for process improvement.
  • Reduction in equipment downtime.
  • Increase the availability of critical equipment.
  • Analysis of the root cause of failures.

Downtimes Work Flow

  • Specification analysis for the generation of arrests according to the behavior of the equipment.
  • Event Frames generation in PI System, with times detected in millisecond.
  • History of Detentions according to the Line, by equipment and by Responsible Area.
  • Interface to visualize the detentions occurred in a certain time (Shift, Day, Week).
  • Historical Search of Events already registered.
  • Personalized Search of Detentions according to the day, the affected line, the type and status of the event.
  • Export of searches in different text formats.
  • Exact assignment of time to the different areas of the organization (Maintenance, Operations and Unscheduled Time).
  • Maintenance Times Branch based on the workshop that intervened.
  • Wide judgement when cataloging arrests (Type of intervention, Failure Modes, Workshops, Type of Equipment, System and Affected component).
  • Correct assignment of dead times (invalid detentions) not affecting the calculation of KPIs
  • Budget registration by equipment, line and plant (monthly and annual).
  • Forecast record by equipment, line and plant (weekly, monthly and annual).
  • Definition of action plans based on the performance of the equipments and their criticality.
  • Personalized record of maintenance calendars.
  • Calculation of indicators in real time, week to Day (WTD), Month to Day (MTD) and Year to Day (YTD).
  • Analysis for the reliability and criticality of a equipment, line or plant.
  • Availability and Effective Use Chart.
  • MTBF and MTTR graphics.
  • Jack Knife graphics.
  • Pareto Graph of Equipment by Frequency and Time by Lines, equipment, system and component.
  • Top Ten Trend Monthly Failure Frequency by Equipment, System and Component.

Downtimes - Automatic Reports

General Maintenance Dashboard Report

Report designed in a holistic way, to obtain an overview of the performance of the organization, at the level of areas, lines or teams. Thus achieving the calculation of the main Maintenance indicators in the periods Week to Day (WTD), Month to Day (MTD) and Year to Day (YTD).


Report designed to quickly and accurately calculate and visualize the estimate of average times, such as the expected time of good operation that a certain equipment or line may experience (MTBF), and the expected time for the repair of an equipment, specifically when the type of repair corresponds to a corrective maintenance (MTTR).

Availability of the Month

Report designed to obtain and compare the time that an area, line or equipment was physically available to work in a given period of time, in this case monthly.

More Automatic Reports

Plant Maintenance

Report designed to view in detail the evolution of the availability of the plant or organization, and compare it with the previously entered estimate (Budget - forescast).

Jack Knife Diagram

Report designed based on the Jack Knife analysis, allows us to calculate and visualize a comparative-relative analysis of the frequency of occurrence of failures compared to their repair times, then to be able to graph them in four quadrants according to their criticality: acute, chronic, under control and acute-chronic.

Maintenance Times

Report that allows a detailed comparison of the different areas or imputations (maintenance, operation, operational or other times), previously recorded, that intervene in a period of time.

Maintenance KPI Report

Report designed to deliver quickly and accurately the main maintenance and reliability performance indicators.

Pareto of Detentions

Report that allows the analysis of the occurrence of stops according to their systems, components and failure modes, identifying both the number of times in which the stops of one or more nodes were due to a particular failure mode, thus applying the Pareto principle.

Top Ten Detention Report

Report that allows prioritizing and visualizing the relationship of the equipment with the main responsible failure modes, this in a sequential manner according to the systems of a team, its components and the failure modes that may occur.

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