It helps the process of collecting manual data and store it at PI System

It manages to integrate and visualize manual information so that it is accessible to users and company systems.

Enterprise Forms is also suitable for manual information entry such as inspections and problem investigations.

WithEnterprise FormsMaintain your data organized, accurate and consistent

What is it?

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It's a web solution created to send manual information to the PI System in an easy and interactive way

Also, it allows users to create their manual entry forms, share them easily, and maintain them. This solution allows you to store the information entered in PI POINTS or a relational database, according to the needs of the end-users.

With Enterprise Forms digitize the largest amount of manual information in the organization, under a standard and historically. Having the possibility of accessing it at any time and allowing better decision making.

Enterprise Forms has been created with the goal of allowing operations to enter information about their plant or not automated process, but that is necessary to correlate it with the information that is already stored in the PI System.

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Identify all the assets of your company in a single step, just by scanning the QR code you can access the asset information and perform a more complex inspection without wasting time.


Validate your forms personally, so they will have a solid organizational processes and with your signature you will have a legal support.

Export and Manage

Send your forms as PDF or Excel in a personalized way. You will be able to report at real time the emergencies of your company, coordinate them so that the necessary measures are taken.

On line and Off line

If you are not connected to the server, the application will keep it until you can connect again.

Cloud or On-site

You can store, access and manage the Enterprise Forms application through a server in the cloud or on a local server of your company.

Data Source

The application has an exclusive service for querying data. Therefore, it facilitates the consumption of services such as PI WEB API, Business Modeler and other services that expose their data through the HTTP protocol.

Forms Management

Enterprise Forms has an exclusive module for the administration of forms in which you can:

  • List all forms that the authenticated user has access to.
  • Manual data entry, and its subsequent registration to PI POINTS or SQL according to your configuration.
  • List the different records made by users, applying different filters according to the user's needs.
  • View and edit data for a record made by a specific user.
  • Form design (construction and editing based on controls).
  • Viewing forms on Web and Mobile (you can work offline).



Enterprise Forms performs Active Directory-based authentication.

Users Module

Enterprise forms manages the users of the application through the specifically assigned profiles and accesses. This activity can be performed by an administrator user.

Profiles Module

It allows you to create different types of users for the application. Each of these profiles has an editing time on the forms that allows validating changes in the data registered in forms.

Shift Module

The Enterprise Forms shift module allows you to manage data entry based on the organization's work schedules.

Mobile App

Enterprise Forms has a mobile version, which allows you to view forms and enter data from anywhere you are. It has the ability to replicate web forms as well as being able to work connected to the business network as well as offline.

Entreprise Forms Solution Focus

The end user can build their forms depending on their needs.

The application adapts to the way of working, in matters of time, to the organization if they work by guards, or longer periods of time weekly, quarterly.

Users can work connected to a network or not, the application has the possibility of working in both cases.

All the information that is registered with the application is validated, according to the organization's profiles, an operator enters it and a supervisor reviews and validates it.

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They use Enterprise Forms

They use Enterprise Forms

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