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Is a solution created to visualize information collected from different data sources such as OSIsoft’s PI System.

It allows you to create interactive dashboards and have the ability to observe all your data in one place. It also allows the facility to share information quickly and keep the members of the organization informed at all times.

By having interactive reports in real time, built with reliable information from the PI System, operators, supervisors and managers can make better and more timely decisions. The correct identification of operational deviations allows their correction in time, as well as the timely identification of poor performance through the analysis of KPIs allows to justify strategic changes in the operation that support the achievement of organizational objectives.

Making a tool like Enterprise View available to all areas of the organization allows better use of information from the PI System. In addition, the integration of the most important information within your organization is strengthened.

Imagine having all the reports of the areas of production, costs, planning, maintenance and sales in real time on a single web page. This is possible thanks to the development of Dashboards with Enterprise View. That allows any user to access it from any device and location. This makes it easier for different areas of your organization to have access to the most important and necessary information for decision making.

Enterprise View allows you to develop and view Dashboards with custom charts using the information recorded in the PI System and other data sources.

Enterprise View has different controls such as simple and multiple bar graphs, donut graph, gauge graph, trend graph, stacked bar graph, simple and complex text, tables among others that make it very easy to create Operational Dashboards or Indicators, ready to be sent by mail, exported to pdf or exported to Excel. Additionally, it allows the user to change the time range in which a report is displayed, change the type of graph that is displayed and send it by email.

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What benefits will you get?

  • Integrate PI SYSTEM information and other data sources.
  • See all your operational information in one place.
  • Access your information from anywhere.
  • Quickly share information.
  • Give your team the ability to explore data using interactive dashboards.



The option of sharing a work panel in the single display mode with a specific user list or a specific group list.

  • Collaboration with groups: To share viewing access to other users within the organization.
  • Collaboration with groups: Members of a group share view access through the Active Directory use.


Enterprise View allows the user to organize the different work panels to which they have access through labels. For example, if you have multiple work panels that monitor a mill has in common, then all work panels that have that purpose in common can be assigned a tag called “mill monitor”, when assigned a tag to a job board, your search will be easier. N number of labels can be added to a work pane.

Data Source

The application has an exclusive service for querying data. Therefore, it facilitates the consumption of services such as PI WEB API, Business Modeler, among other services that expose their data through the HTTP protocol.

Data Integrity

The Dashboard configuration is stored independently allowing the user to easily manage its maintenance and administration.

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Learn about our products