PIPER Solutions VAR Partner

“We are at the beginning of a massive wave of innovation in the industrial economy. The idea behind the VAR Program is to provide selected partners with the tools and programs they need to develop solutions for vertical markets, customer segments or geographies”, said Mary McDonald, vice president of Global Channel and strategic partners at OSIsoft. “We want to increase their creativity allowing them to integrate more easily the PI System into their products and business strategies to serve our mutual customers.”

SAN LEANDRO, CALIF. September 25, 2018

At the end of 2018 OSIsoft LLC released the Value-Added Reseller Program (VAR) to accelerate the development of solutions for the digital transformation and Internet of Things.

Piper Solutions is a VAR partner and will can distribute PI System under a spetial subscription where will combine the products and services developed with PI System OSIsoft to create solutions and manage operations in different industries and defined regions.

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