Lanzamiento PI Server 2018

The launch of PI Server 2018 will help you manage your data more efficiently and make improvements in the capabilities, usability, performance, scalability, Event Frames management and general administration of your PI System.

Alguna de las características que trae esta última versión son:

  • Mass registration of Event Frames.
  • Mass deletion of Event Frames.
  • Improves the management of connections with customers.
  • Improve file management.
  • PI System Directory integration.
  • Integration of MATLAB® in Asset Analysis.

In addition, PI Server 2018 presents an installation kit that consolidates all server functions for a PI Server deployment. This new installation kit includes PI Data Archive, PI AF server, PI Web API, PI Indexed Search Crawler, PI SQL Data Access Server (RTQP Engine), PI Notifications Service, PI Analysis Service, PI System Directory and all dependent components. In order to require less information and time from the user by simplifying the installation process, while automatically managing software interdependencies and eliminating the need to run several independent kits.

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