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At a Glance

Enterprise Forms is a web solution based on OSIsoft’s PI System, created with the purpose of sending manual information to PI System in an easy and interactive way. In addition, it allows users to create their own manual entry forms, share them easily and maintain them. This solution allows you to store the information entered in PI POINTS or in a relational database, according to the needs of the end users..


Manual information is a necessity in most operations, there are different types of manual input information: measurements of equipment that does not have instrumentation, operating parameters established by the manufacturer, comments on reports by shift, strategic information of budgets and forecasts of indicators, costs among others.

Many organizations use Excel as a tool for recording information manually, either as a database or as a data entry template to PI System. Enterprise Forms is an improvement to this solution, being an intuitive and very consistent web tool when sending data to PI System. In addition, the PI System is the database where the manual input information will be stored, then a proven and reliable tool for storing historical information would be used.


  • Creation and administration of web forms for data entry to PI System.
  • Management of access to forms.
  • Definition of data types, limits, multiple options for each income field.
  • Different levels of approval for the information entered.
  • Manual entry of historical and future information to PI System.
  • Display of information entered.


  • Have manual information that is handled in the different business processes, from measurements of equipment without instrumentation, to budgets, forecast, information of the equipment manufacturer that is required to have it in PI in order to close the process circle and thus be able to interrelate with other information of the operation.
  • Ease of creation and maintenance of manual entry forms to PI System.
  • Enter historical data to the PI System from any device and place.
  • The integrity of manual information, due to the different levels of approval.
  • Instant verification of the information entered.
  • Ease of modification of the information entered with the appropriate permits.
  • Possibility to store the data in PI POINTS or in a relational database, according to the frequency of the data and the decision of the users.
  • Possibility of integrating data that does not come from measurement instruments, but that is relevant for decision making within the process.
  • It allows keeping a record of who, when and what type of information is entered with each type of form.
  • It allows adapting the manual entry forms according to the needs and requirements of the specific area or role.

Solution Approach

Being a web tool, Enterprise Forms allows the registration of manual information in the PI System from any location and device. In addition, its ease of access allows different areas of your organization to enter the most important information for each area, thus avoiding overloading a single operator that records the information, in addition to avoiding more points of failure in the flow of information from its origin to PI System.

Enterprise Forms allows you to store information locally, on the device, you are using before sending it to PI System, this guarantees that data will not be lost during an unexpected shutdown or unavailability of the PI System. It also enables up to two levels of approval for the information entered, this allows supervisory users to confirm that the information entered is true. Another feature of Enterprise Forms is that it allows users with an administrator profile to create and modify their own forms, that is, add or remove data entry fields and share them with a list of users defined by them. Finally, if the user decides so, he can store the information in a relational database and not in a PI POINT, this in case the registered information is not so frequent or there is a limitation regarding the number of PI POINTS available

Business Impact

  • Increase the quantity of information available for decision-making.
  • Different areas perform their corresponding data entry instead of sending all the information to just one operator.
  • Enhance and speed up decision-making.
  • Evaluate information quality.
  • Information transparency in the organization.

By having manual entry information in PI System, reports can be prepared in Excel (PI Datalink) and Web (PI VISION) with greater quantity and quality of information, which in the right hands can be translated into better and more timely decisions. Likewise, entering data from Budgets and Forecasts of indicators allows comparisons of these indicators against their objectives and forecasts, valuable information that can justify operational changes or immediate solutions to problems that directly affect the achievement of strategic objectives.

Putting a tool like Enterprise Forms within reach of all areas of the organization allows you to better take advantage of the capabilities of the PI System and its visualization tools. In addition, it would be strengthening the integration of more important information within your organization. Imagine having a PI VISION deployment with information on production, costs, planning, maintenance and sales in real time, this is possible thanks to the input of information with Enterprise Forms.


  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Datacenter
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Food and beverage
  • Information technologies
  • Metallurgy, mining, and metals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy generation
  • Transportation
  • Pulp and paper
  • Water and Wastewater


  • Latin America
  • North América
  • Asia-Pacífic
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa

PI System Requirements

  • PI System 2016
  • PI Web API

Solution Type

  • Data Management
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Data Validation
  • Dashboards by Shift/Day/Wee

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