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Solution Overview

Enterprise View is a web solution based un OSIsoft’s PI System. It was créate to allow clients to créate and maintain custom dashboards using PI System information: PI points, static attributes, formulas, real-time calculations and more. This solution allows users to share reports through e-mail manually or automatically and download the dashboards in image formats, Excel or PDF.


Having the most information at the right time is a necessity present in most organizations. In one hand Operational Dashboards are very important when identifying failures and sustain changes in the current work mode. On the other hand, Strategical Dashboards allow to identify deviations in the achievement of objectives and to promote changes in the processes. Building both types of Dashboards is a possibility with Enterprise View


  • Creation and administration of web dashboards with PI System.
  • Dashboard access management.
  • Graphic types, limits, order and titles configuration.
  • Dynamic time intervals: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual.
  • Dashboard download in PDF, JPG and Excel formats.
  • Dashboard sharing through the application manually.
  • Dashboard sharing automatically.
  • Visualization of critical information from any device and location.
  • Bar graphics, area charts, line charts, Pareto charts, top ten charts and more.


  • Have dashboards with information concerning the entire organization on a single website.
  • Ease for the creation and maintenance of new dashboards.
  • Possibility of accessing the dashboards in different pre-configured periods of time and with date ranges.
  • Have official versions of the dashboards for each area of the organization.
  • Ease of sharing the dashboards in the most used formats.

Solution Approach

Being a web tool, Enterprise View allows any user to access it through any device and location. This makes it easier for different areas of your organization to have access to the most important and necessary information for decision making.

Enterprise View allows you to develop and visualize Dashboards with customized graphics using the information registered in the PI System. It does not matter if the information comes from PI POINTS, tables, formulas or texts, if it exists in PI, Enterprise View can graph it. This solution can create bar graphs, areas, lines, circulars, top ten, Pareto, among others, organize them and show a completely finished Dashboard ready to send by mail, export as an image, Excel file or PDF. In addition, Enterprise View allows the user to change the time range in which a report is displayed, change the type of graph that is displayed and send it through email.

Business Impact

By having interactive reports in real time, built with reliable information from the PI System, operators, supervisors, and managers can make better and more timely decisions. The correct identification of operational deviations allows their correction in time, just as the timely identification of poor performance through the KPIs analysis allows to justify strategic changes in the operation that support the achievement of the organizational objectives.

Putting a tool such as Enterprise View within reach of all areas of the organization allows you to take better advantage of the PI System information. In addition, the integration of the most important information within your organization is strengthened. Imagine having all the reports of the areas of production, costs, planning, maintenance and sales in real time on a single web page. This is possible thanks to the development of Dashboards with Enterprise View.


  • Metallurgy, mining, and metals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy generation
  • Transportation
  • Pulp and paper
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Datacenter
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Food and beverage
  • Information technologies


  • Latin America
  • North América
  • Asia-Pacífic
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa

PI System Requirements

  • PI System 2016
  • PI Web API

Solution Type

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Data Management
  • Data Visualization
  • Dashboards by Shift/Day/Wee

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