Assets and Events Dashboard for Mine Maintenance


  • Have an asset model for Event Management for Mine Maintenance Asset (DCPs, water wells, pools, tanks, and reservoirs).
  • Need to perform calculations (Flow totalized).

Need for dashboards in real-time with operational variables.

Perform operational KPIs: Availability, Usage, MTBF, MTTR, and RDTH.


  • Construction of an Asset Model using PI AF.

Development of a KPI Dashboard for Mine Maintenance where analysis and calculation are performed for Equipment and Structures


KPIs Dashboard: General Equipment Status, Operational Indicators, Top Ten Failure modes by Structure and Real-time failure mode reporting.

Better analysis for better decision-making


  • Real-time Operational KPI monitoring with the objective of improving decision making and structure and equipment efficiency.
  • Register of events and Asset failure modes that would help formulate better action plans.
  • Consistent data collection.