Mine Operations



  • Gather information about the ore extraction process, considering the levels of the different mine shafts.
  • Perform operational calculations to obtain the amount of tonnage.
  • Perform operational calculation to determine the number of skips performed by the elevators.
  • Equipment state visualization and calculate working hours and detentions.

Difficulty in collecting data directly from PLCs and to perform analysis in order to obtain production KPIs.


  • API Node implementation to gather information from PLC devices.
  • Model the ore extraction process using equipment information and real-time variables.
  • Perform real-time calculations transforming raw data into actionable information.

Tonnage and Skips calculations.

Process assets organization and visualization.


  • More process information, supporting better decision making.
  • Production KPIs and better control from supervision.

Expansion to more mining operations within Buenaventura, in order to achieve better information management and production efficiency benchmarking.


  • Consistent data collection.