PI System Implementation in Microsoft Azure


  • Need to keep the information centralized.
  • Key operational variables monitoring.
  • Need to perform calculations (Production, Maintenance, etc.)

Integration of control systems with PI System in Azure.


  • PI System API nodes implementation in 03 energy generation plants.
  • API nodes configuration for data gathering and connection to the corporate PI System.
  • Organize and transform data into information through an operational model and calculations.

Analysis development and parameter calculation for operational improvement.


  • Better process analysis and decision-making.
  • Production indications and better control from supervision.


  • Use of Microsoft Azure with the objective of ensuring system availability and future growth.
  • Integration of information from three energy generation plants (Kallpa, CDA, and Puerto Bravo) through installation and configuration of PI Interfaces.
  • Dashboard security configuration for each plant.
  • End-user training with the objective of empowering users to perform autonomous management of their plant information.