We take care of your system administration and support

We take care of your system administration and support




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PI System Administration and Support

The main objective of the service is to ensure the proper functioning of the PI System infrastructure, perform the administration, updating and maintenance of PI System in our customers and offer support to system users as well as the development of PI System-based deliverables, such as reports and custom applications.

The service is constant and is in charge of a team of PIPER’s enggeniers, certified by OSIsoft® as specialists in infrastructure and Implementation of PI System.

The scope of this service is limited to managing one PI System and five PI System interfaces or connectors.

The scope of this service is limited to managing one PI System and five PI System interfaces or connectors.

Service deliverables

  • Pre-installation checklist review; confirmation that all prerequisites are met before
    • Provide an overview of the systems actual state, a PI System Audit is highly recommended.
  • Systems architecture enhancement.
    • Modification of the current architecture to comply with OSIsoft’s best practices and performance requirements.
    • Service accounts creation.
    • PI System software install or update.
  • Data Archive configuration enhancement based in best practices.
    • Optimal security configuration.
    • Data archive configuration.
    • Automatic backup configuration.
  • PI System Administration.
    • System monitoring and coordination with the customer’s TI area about PI System infrastructure.
    • PI System Interface maintenance and monitoring.
    • Security administration (Access to Data Archive PI AF and PI Vision).
    • Monitoring and coordination with TI about System backups.
    • Asset Models maintenance.
    • PI System tag maintenance.
    • PI System components upgrade.
  • PI System Interface and Connectors monitoring.
    • Asset Framework Model for Interface and Connector monitoring.
    • Interface Events administration.
    • Monitoring Dashboard.
  • PI System performance monitoring
    • PI performance monitoring interface installation.
    • Monitoring dashboard.
  • End-user support.
    • Remote support in most of the activities and PI System tools (PI Datalink, PI Process Book, PI Visión).
    • Visualization tools installation.
    • Requirements gathering.
    • Third party coordination (IT, Network administrators, OSIsoft, Process Control).
  • Incident management.
    • Incident documentation and maintenance.
    • Solutions documentation.
    • Critical events monitoring.
  • Requirements management.
    • Requirement documentation and maintenance.
    • Information gathering.
    • Documentation and scope of work definition.
  • Displays and reports maintenance (Datalink, Process Book y Vision)
    • Displays and reports inventory.
    • Display and report improvement.
    • New reports and displays development.
  • End-user training in visualization tools.
    • 02 training sessions for 08 participants in PI Datalink, PI Processbok and PI Vision.
  • Service management.
    • Report frequency definition for each deliverable described in the scope document.
    • Monthly meeting with the sponsor area to review the service state.
  • PI System introduction.
  • Support Service implementation report.

Why request the PI System Administration and Support service with PIPER?

PIPER Solutions professionals are certified by the PI System Installation Specialist and PI System Infrastructure Specialist, which accredit them to install all PI System components under the best practices recommended by OSIsoft®.

In addition, PIPER works closely with OSIsoft® development, training and technical support teams to ensure specialized knowledge and assistance in the OSIsoft product line it offers its customers.

Why request the PI System Administration and Support service with PIPER?

Los profesionales de PIPER Solutions cuentan con las certificaciones de PI System Installation Specialist y PI System Infrastructure Specialist, las cuales los acreditan para realizar instalaciones de todos los componentes de PI System bajo las mejores prácticas recomendadas por OSIsoft®.

Además, PIPER trabaja estrechamente con los equipos de desarrollo, capacitación y soporte técnico de OSIsoft® para garantizar asistencia y conocimiento especializado en la línea de productos de OSIsoft ofrece a sus clientes.


The implementation dates will be mutually agreed after the formal acceptance of the service. The implementation process, from the request until its completion, normally takes 3 weeks.

Week 1 and 2- Communication of prerequisites, ordering of OSIsoft software, acquisition node hardware, and operating systems, and control system-specific hardware and software. Confirmation of installation dates with PIPER.

Week 3 - On-site or remote upgrade by PIPER (Up to 5 days).

Services Requirements

  • Data Archive must be operational before OSIsoft’s arrival.
  • Acquisition node hardware and operating system must be installed and operational before PIPER’s arrival.
  • Most PI Interfaces require third-party hardware and software that must be installed and
    • operational before PIPER’s arrival. Specific requirements will be validated during the pre-installation discussion.
  • TCP/IP communication must be enabled and operational among all PI System computers.
  • Customer must provide an electronic version of required raw tag information extracted from the data source (Tagname, description, zero, span, engineering units, point type, state information, and control system address). Required information will be validated during the pre-installation checklist review.
  • Customer’s technical staff must be available to provide system support (security, network, and control systems).
  • Customer must provide a configuration station with the System Management Tools and Microsoft® Excel® software.
  • Customer must download or otherwise acquire required OSIsoft installation kits prior to OSIsoft’s arrival.
  • Customer must guarantee the validity of the security permits required for access to their organization as a prerequisite to the visit.

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