The 7 Technologies that will emerge in 2020

In recent years we have witnessed how technology has been increasingly present in our day to day, since we woke up in the morning, going in traffic and in our daily work, we always find some gadget that makes our More comfortable lives. And in this year 2020 is not the meaning, as every year, new updates and technologies is made known.

1. 5G

For a couple of years we have been waiting for the deployment of this technology that will reach the world later this year. There are many companies that are developing and including 5G technology in their mobile devices. This long-awaited technology that, as a main feature, is a faster connectivity speed, but also the services that can be offered with a better quality of resources, giving rise to new technologies in the search for increasingly smart cities, vehicles and others that will depend on the IoT.

2. WiFi 6

Another technology that will see a breakthrough and mainly affect us as users will be WiFi 6, which since last year was officially approved by the WiFi Alliance, as a new name for the devices and networks compatible with this standard. WiFi 6 has a clear objective, to facilitate the identification and differentiation between WiFi networks directly and uniquely in the consumer market. It is also necessary to point out that a very important point for these wireless networks is security, so we will see the use of WPA3, although WiFi 6 and 5G are different technologies, together they promise to be the perfect combination of ultrafast connection in this 2020.

3. Advanced Data Analytics

Companies that invest in analytics benefit immensely from the information they obtain from their customers from the different methods they have to obtain it (CRM). These data stored by companies are very numerous, but it is necessary to have the ability to collect, process and convert them into valuable information and that can be consumed in real time to choose well the strategies that must be followed by making informed and intelligent decisions , automate processes and achieve greater efficiency.

4. IA y Machine Learming

Technologies that in recent years have taken great importance, although ML is a branch of AI, both are a promise in the improvement of data analysis, the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be reflected in three aspects in This year, speed, scale and convenience, ready for what will be an evolution towards the systems of autonomous learning by the machines, specifically, it is about creating programs capable of generalizing behaviors based on information provided in the form of examples.

5. Blockchain

The Blockchain will overcome the almost exclusive use granted to it right now – related to cryptocurrencies and we will see it applied to intellectual property, food security or property management. Amazon, for example, with its platform based on blockchain subscriptions such as Serivicio (BaaS) is already betting on this technology, in the same way as Samsung, Microsoft, IBM or Alibaba. Allowing to obtain digital products such as smart contracts decentralized applications (Dapps), or even services that do not require a blockchain-based infrastructure to function.

6. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

This technology is based on Artificial Intelligence and is allowing to streamline complex processes saving costs to many industries where it is implemented, also seeks learning through different examples and improve the processes performed by the machines, product of obtaining a good use of Machine learning

7. XaaS, UX/CX and Privacity

Finally, XaaS (all as a service), is a technology that refers to any resource or technological activity can be hired in service format and accessed through the cloud, in this way companies reduce the need to acquire and maintain technical capabilities own.

UX / CX (user or customer experience) and digital privacy, are also a set of technologies and services that will be necessary to implement in order to offer a good experience and security with the disclosure of information and data of our customers and users .

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